The Artist

Skye Tarr

Skye has loved art since she was a child. A pencil drawing of a fox in fifth grade was her first 'serious' work.  in high school pencil led to charcoal drawing and then watercolors in art class.  

Pursuing a biology degree in college, Skye never imagined that she would take print-making and photography classes.  It wasn't until an oil painting class where Skye learned the joy of color and texture of oil paints that would provide that creative outlet later in life.

A corporate career in consulting followed college and over the years, marriage, work, and motherhood.  The low country of Savannah was the inspiration that wouldn't be satiated with a 'that's so pretty.'  Skye needed wall decor for her young family's new home and that marsh had been calling.

Skye has lived in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Savannah and Bloomington, Indiana.  She and her family now reside in Louisville, Kentucky.  Despite the lure of bluegrass, horses, and bourbon she can't stop painting the Georgia coast.

Skye is a member of the Anchorage Artist Guild.

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